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Somniloquy – A Download Device for Computers at Sleep
Somniloquy keeps downloads going even when the host system is in sleep modeResearchers from the University of California at San Diego have reportedly invented a USB dongle device that allows download enthusiasts to continue downloading even after putting their PCs to sleep. The new gadget has been named Somniloquy, which means “talking in your sleep”.
Designed to work as an external USB network card to the host system, the gadget comes with an in-built processor and flash memory storage. Even when the system has gone into sleep mode, Somniloquy’s in-built operating system stays online to keep downloads going – both in straight protocols and torrents. The device also keeps the host’s DHCP connected to the local network.
If there is a spurt in activity which the dongle cannot handle by itself, it rouses the system from sleep and transfers command to the host. To ensure that Somniloquy does not use up precious hard drive resources, it comes with a SD card that buffers the download; this ensures the hard drive is only used when the card runs out of storage space and needs to transfer data to the main drive.
According to the researchers, Somniloquy can reduce energy consumption between 60 and 80 percent, bringing down electricity bills, thereby caring for the environment. The dongle has been developed in association with Microsoft Research and was presented at USENIX last week. Still in development stage, Somniloquy is still some time away from going into commercial production.
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