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Silverstone Introduces CMOS Clear Switch
When it comes to overclocking, one of the greatest annoyances is having your settings lock up your computer and preventing it from booting.  You are then forced to bust open your case and set a hard-to-reach jumper.  As time has gone by, motherboard manufacturers have made things a bit easier by including a CMOS clear button.  However, these are still directly on the motherboard, and thus still require the pain of opening up your case. 
A number of clever enthusiasts have rigged up their own switches and integrated them into their case.  Unfortunately, this requires a bit of modding that the average Joe would be less willing to do.  Well now a company has caught on and produced a consumer level product.
Silverstone has introduced the SST-CLEARCMOS.  This small device take up one of your case's expansion slots and acts as an external CMOS clearing switch.
SilverStone SST-CLEARCMOS is designed for the overclocking enthusiasts. When installed and mounted in corresponding chassis for external use, an overclocker no longer needs to open the computer chassis to clear CMOS. The SST-CLEARCMOS is extremely useful in offering a way to quickly clear CMOS/BIOS for recovering from failed overclocking attempts, updating BIOS, or resetting BIOS for installing new devices.
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