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Storage systems specialist Seagate today unveiled Constellation.2, the industry’s first ever enterprise-class 2.5in HDD with a massive 1TB capacity. Designed and optimized for IT data centers and cloud computing, the Constellation.2 brings together an ideal combination of features, claims the manufacturer.

1TB hard disc drives have been in existence for a while now; however, no manufacturer has managed to develop an enterprise class 2.5in hard disk in this capacity. Seagate has managed to break through this barrier with its new Constellation.2 hard drive. In addition to its high capacity, Constellation.2 also features 6Gb/s SATA or 6Gb/s SAS interfaces, both industry leading options.

Seagate has created the Constellation.2 with advanced second-generation design that provides enhanced data integrity in line with the new T10 Protection Information standard. The hard disk also comes with a Self Encrypting Drive (SED) option that provides exception data security throughout the disk’s lifecycle. Additionally, the Constellation.2 drives also boast of best-in-class low power consumption.

The combination of features makes the new hard drive idea for server storage applications and allows system builders and OEMs to create competitive, feature-rich, bulk storage solutions that are cost-effective and sustainable. Constellation.2 can be integrated into a number of applications in Direct Attached Storage (DAS), Network Attached Storage (NAS), and Storage Area Network (SAN) environments.

“The Constellation.2 underscores Seagate’s commitment to its customers to deliver industry-leading solutions that meet the demands of IT professionals today and tomorrow,” said Carla Kennedy, vice president of Product Line Management, Seagate. “With its class-leading reliability, record-breaking capacity, and improvements made along its entire range of features, Constellation.2 drive is a perfect solution for dense server and storage systems.”

Seagate is offering the Constellation.2 drive in capacities of 250GB, 500GB, and 1TB, with shipments already having started to OEM partners.

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Seagate Unveils Enterprise Class 1TB Constellation.2 HDD