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Official Press Release

Official Press Release

Seagate Technology® has announced co-operation with STMicroelectronics, a leader in delivering chipset solutions for mobile devices, and Quantum SPA, a leader in handheld digital television technology, to produce hard drive-based mobile devices that will let consumers receive, record and playback digital television signals. The solution, based on Quantum's QTM 1000 Pocket Television platform, will be built around STMicroelectronics’ Nomadik™ mobile multimedia application processor and Seagate's mobile hard disc drives. The companies expect to market the solution to digital television providers, network operators, handheld device manufacturers, and others looking to participate in the growing availability of digital television signals around the world.

With market imperatives and regulatory trends moving many countries quickly toward digital broadcasting, new business models are expected to open up for mobile video usage. The ability for consumers to receive digital broadcasts opens up many ways to extend the current broadcast-to-home model. Some of the content delivery models around digital television include:

* Live broadcast DVR time shift recording of broadcast TV

* Pushing content to the hard drive

* Streaming video and music content

* On-demand downloads

* Automotive entertainment

Based on the powerful Nomadik application processor, the QTM 1000 already allows consumers to bring a mobile digital television experience with them wherever they go. The addition of Seagate Lyrion™ 1.8-inch hard drives, or connectivity to Seagate's Digital Audio Video Experience™ (DAVE™) wireless storage platform, will give consumers access to a mobile DVR solution that further extends the convenience, control and choice of television viewers everywhere. Nomadik, already highly power-efficient, will include the Seagate Storage Management Module™ (SMM™) for added power efficiency and performance enhancements.

"The DVR experience is fast becoming an integral part of the television landscape. This partnership underscores the growing importance of the mobile entertainment consumer, and how Seagate is working to enable new markets," said Patrick King, senior vice president and general manager of Seagate's Consumer Electronics Business unit. "Now consumers will be able to bring the home theater with them wherever they go."

"A crucial element in bringing next-generation solutions to the mobile terminal market is partnering with leaders," said Ermanno Pace, VP of Strategic Marketing America of STMicroelectronics. "And with the award-winning Nomadik application processor, implemented in the company's world-class silicon technology, ST is playing a leading role in enabling OEMs to bring compelling entertainment experiences to consumers."

"It is extremely advantageous for Quantum to integrate Seagate's hard drive and storage solutions into our product," added Stefano Martini, Chief Executive Officer of Quantum. "This is the first step for us toward the possibility of offering our customers multimedia content with a fully reliable mobile DVR solution applied to the world's first DVB-H PocketTV handheld device available in the market thanks to the support of leading industry partners such as ST and Seagate."

Shipments of the first product to come out of this partnership are expected in the third calendar quarter of 2007.

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