Sandy Bridge Debut Set for January 5 at CES Page: 1

The word is finally out and it has come directly from the horse’s mouth... Intel’s Sandy Bridge will be officially launched during CES, Las Vegas in January 2011. The announcement has been made by Intel in a statement released today.

According to the statement, Intel’s Mooly Edlen and several surprise guests will unveil the new range of processors at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, which is to be held from in January next year. To use exact words, Mooly and guests will demo “the world's fastest processor with many new technologies Intel has built into its chips to enhance the 'visual life.”

It has been long expected that Sandy Bridge will see light of day during CES 2011, so the announcement has not surprised anyone in the tech world. However, the CPU itself has already generated lot of interest on account of its set up. The new series will be in direct competition with both NVIDIA and AMD - with the former for its GPUs and with the latter for its CPU-GPU integrated chips as well as GPUs.

Once officially launched, Sandy Bridge will be the world’s fastest CPU in its class. Almost every major manufacturer is eagerly awaiting the launch to release their own systems equipped with the processors. So now, we just have to wait until CES to get our hands on Sandy Bridge.

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