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SanDisk Launches Write Once Secure SD Cards SanDisk WORM SD card
Manufacturers of non-volatile memory products, SanDisk, has launched the latest in its line-up of flash media featuring the WORM format. The Write Once Read Many (WORM) format lends itself well to professional users determined not to have their data deleted or altered in anyway.
On a WORM SD card, data is locked onto the disk the moment it is recorded without the risk of it being written over accidentally, but yet it retains the readability of a standard SD card. SanDisk claims a 100 year archive life for the card.
"As digital media volume has grown and surpassed traditional analog (sic) media such as film and audio cassettes in the consumer market, law enforcement agencies and other professionals are facing rising costs and lack of supply," said Christopher Moore, SanDisk Director of Product Marketing for OEM memory cards. "SanDisk's new SD WORM cards offer professionals a one-stop solution for capturing and archiving critical data, along with many other benefits of moving from analog to digital."
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