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Sandforce Joins SSD Race with SF-1000
Sandforce's new SF-1000 series claims to bring affordability to SSDsSandforce has entered the SSD market with the launch of its SF-1000 range of solid state disks. The new range brings SLC-style performance to much cheaper MLC memory.
The company’s entry into the highly competitive SSD market should heat things up further as Sandforce has promised SLC performance at cheaper prices. The new SF-1000 range of devices is based on multi-layer flash memory technology combined with a neat new controller called Duraclass, which reduces the cost of the SSDs by a long way.
According to the company, the new controller addresses the inherent endurance, reliability, and data retention issues that are linked to NAND flash memory. This makes it possible for the SSDs to deliver unwavering high-performance for its lifetime.
The controller also features DuraWrite, a new technology that boosts the endurance of NAND flash memory by eighty times compared to standard controllers. It also provides better wear levelling and monitoring algorithms, which gives it a five-year lifespan.
Featuring both enterprise class devices and units for notebooks and netbooks, the SF-1000 series is available in capacities of up to 512GB and runs on a 3GB/s SATA interface. Talking of performance, the SF-1000 drives have clocked an impressive 30,000 IOPS in random 4K transfers, while in 128KB sequential reads or writes, the drives provided speeds of 250MB/s.
Sandforce is likely to start shipping the devices in the second quarter of the year.
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