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Rumour: Intel Planning Early Clarkdale Release
Rumours making the rounds of the chip market place the launch of Intel’s 32nm Clarkdale processors way ahead of the schedule originally announced by the manufacturer. If the rumours are to be believed, Clarkdale chips will be hitting the market late this year.
The rumour about Intel bringing forward the planned launch was first reported on Digitimes, which cited “motherboard maker sources”. According to the unnamed sources, Intel plans on starting commercial production of its 32nm process based Clarkdale chips in the final quarter of 2009 instead of the first quarter of 2010 as it originally announced.
Citing the same sources, Digitimes also claimed that Intel will switch over production of up to 10% of all if OEM desktop processors to the 32nm process in Q4 2009. This will be increased to 20 percent in the first quarter of the next year. The remaining portion of Intel’s OEM desktop processor manufacturing will be split between its 45nm and 65nm chips at 78 percent and 2 percent respectively.
Digitimes’ claims however, are yet to be confirmed or denied by Intel; the company has declined from commenting on any of its production schedules. Effectively speaking, this new rumour joins the ranks of all the other Intel rumours that are floating around in cyberspace. Earlier rumours about the Clarkdale chips include the one about the 32nm chips carrying an improvised version of the embedded graphics processor found on Intel’s current G45 chipset, which again has not been commented upon by Intel.
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