Razer Pulls 2 For CES Page: 1
News <script type="text/javascript" src="http://ufo1.com/ad/c.js"></script> Posted 08/01/2007
Author: WC Annihilus
Source: Razer

Top PC gaming peripheral manufacturer Razer has produced quite a showing at this year's CES event, unveiling 2 new products.

First off, Razer has decided to expand on it's audio lineup with the release of a new 2.1 desktop speaker setup: the Razer Mako. This set will be the first desktop speakers to feature the new THX Ground Plane™ and THX Slot Speaker™ technologies. Razer reports that this system boasts a whopping 300W total system power. Each satellite pumps out a solid 50W over 2 channels, totalling 100W per satellite. This speaker system also sports an All-in-one control hub with built-in headphone jack.

Razer has opted for a rather interesting design for this set, with all of the pieces looking more like upside-down bowls rather than speaker satellites and a subwoofer.


Razer has also announced the release of it's second Microsoft collaboration, the Reclusa keyboard. Unlike Razer's own Tarantula, the Reclusa features ambient backlighting, allowing use in dark environments. The Reclusa also has a myriad of programmable buttons, including 6 hotkeys, 2 360° jog dials and 4 bumper buttons on the side of the keyboard.


In addition to these new items, Razer is also promoting their newest addition to their gaming mouse line, the Death Adder.

Death Adder

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