Rage Against The Machine For Xmas N.1 Page: 1
Join the Revolution!
RATMWith Xfactors song releases almost being given a direct pass to number one, OC3D has decided to join the fight to make to try and make sure that Simon Cowell can not buy another yacht this Christmas.
A revolution recently started on Facebook and now has over 100,000 followers, the thing is not everyone has bought a copy of Rage Against The Machine - Killing in the Name Of,  but its available here from Amazon for just £0.29p! You only have until this Sunday so don't put it off till its too late, BUY NOW! 
So far RATM is doing pretty well in the charts, but if all the Facebook followers bought 1 copy each then we would almost certainly stop another Simon Cowell number one!
So OC3D proudly join the fight and urge all its members to spend just 29p this Christmas on a track that should be in your collection anyways, together we can make a difference!
Let the people unite and make this an Xfactor N.1 free Christmas
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