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Author: PV5150
Source: ocworkbench

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Whilst we're still waiting for the Radeon HD2900XT to arrive, another set of benchmarks have surfaced. Although I'm wary of benchmarks bandied around the net without a conclusive review to reinforce, I've posted them up for interest sake anyway. Hopefully come May 14th the HD2900XT will become more than mere vaporware. The original article was taken from here

HD2900XT 3DM06

HD2900XT Crysis

BilgiUstam got some results for 3DMark06 and for the first time from another application: a Crysis demo. They compared the Radeon HD2900XT to a GeForce 8800GTX on the same test platform.

Intel Core 2 Extreme QX6800
Asus P5W DH
2×1GB PC2-6400 (5-5-5-12)
Western Digital Raptor 150

To sum it up: While the G80 card was faster in the theoretical benchmark 3DMark06, the R600XT outperformed the G80 card everytime by a slight margin in the Crysis tests.

Interesting times ahead. Now all we've got to do is get one into the Labs when they become available and let Kempez or XMS at it.

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