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QNAP Unveils Turbo Speed T-239 NAS
The Intel Atom powered QNAP T-239 Pro Turbo NAS is the fastest in its classQNAP have come out with an updated version of their NAS in the form of the TS-239 Pro Turbo, an Intel Atom powered system. The new system has several interesting features which make it a top-of-the-line NAS.
Featuring 1GB memory and the low power Intel 1.6Ghz Atom CPU, the dual-bay QNAP TS-239 Pro Turbo comes with a PHP/MySQL server and supports SMS, print server and RSS. In NetBench tests, the TS-239 delivered an amazing 350MB/s even with 20 simultaneous client connections. This makes it nearly three times faster than other similar NAS solutions currently available in the market.
Other features of the TS-230 Pro Turbo include two Giga LAN ports which support network failover configuration, load-balancing and multi-IP. The NAS also allows advanced disk configurations such as RAID 0/ 1, JBOD, Online RAID Capacity Expansion and Online RAID Level Migration. Multi-OS support for Windows, Linux and UNIX is also available.
According to Jerry Dang, Product Manager at QNAP, “The Intel Atom-based TS-239 Pro Turbo NAS is an excellent network storage option for small business and SOHO users who require a power-saving and silent server that has to be turned on day and night. The NAS supports two 2TB hard drives and can be configured for storage expansion or backup server of other servers with the built-in iSCSI target service. It is a high competitive alternative for setting up an IP-SAN (Storage Area Network) in a small business environment.”
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