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Q6600 Being Phased Out

Intel has given word that the 65nm quad Q6600 is finally going to be phased out.  The initial discontinuance notice will go out to partners in the first quarter of next year, with it going to EOL by the second quarter.  With this in mind, vendors will be cutting prices of Q6600-based systems in order to clear out inventory.  Acer is already planning to drop the prices of their systems to under $418 .

The Q6600 has been a long-time favorite in the enthusiast world, surviving for so long even with the release of 45nm CPUs.  This is due to its superb value for the money and overclocking potential.  Intel may have to adjust their prices a bit in order to get another 45nm quad to take its place in our hearts as the mid-range king.

Goodbye Q6600.  You will be missed.

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