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Nvidia 790i motherboardTrouble with overclocking DDR3 on 790i
It seems that in its infancy the new 790i chipset is already throwing up issues.  The problem being that when overclocking the front side bus along with some certain DDR3 modules things can happen that you don't particularly want.
The exact nature of the issue is that when you overclock the front side bus in combination with certain high speed DDR3 memory modules, data corruption can occur.
If you look on Nvidia's customer support pages, you can find the question:
Question: NVIDIA nForce 790i data corruption with higher front side bus speeds
In which the answer to is this:
Answer: NVIDIA has received reports of data corruption when using certain high speed memory and overclocking the front side bus. Our engineers are currently investigating this issue and as soon as we have more information, we will provide an update to this knowledge base article.

At least this looks like Nvidia are aware of the problem and are working on a solution that will more than likely come through a BIOS update.  The problem is that a BIOS update could take a little time seeing as it would have to be written by Nvidia and then filter down through to the board partners who then have to tweak it for each of their boards.
While not the end of the world, It may certainly seem so for someone who has just shelled out hundreds of pounds on the most expensive chipset on the market.. That coupled with the hefty price tag attached to the DDR3 that's helping to cause the issue and anyone effected has every right to be rather unhappy.
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