PowerColor Ups Ante with Overclocked Radeon HD 4890 Page: 1
PowerColor Ups Ante with Overclocked Radeon HD 4890
The overclocked PCS+ HD 4890 from PowerColorPowerColor today announced it new PCS+ HD 4890, a nicely overclocked graphics card that can tackle the most demanding 3D game with ease. The launch is expected to raise the bar further in the already high Radeon HD 4890 market.
The original Radeon HD 4890 is available in two variants – XT and OC, both with 1GB of on-board memory, but while the XT variant comes with an 850MHz core and 3,900MHz memory, the OC model has a 900MHz core and 3,900MHz memory.
PowerColor has clocked its Professional Cooling System Plus (PCS+) HD 4890 at 950MHz core and 4,400MHz memory. It has strapped on a custom cooler from ZEROtherm with user-defined fan-speed control to provide better-than-reference cooling. The combination is a card that is far superior to the original.
To complement its fastest ever HD 4890 card, PowerColor is also be releasing a limited edition Battle Forge – PCS+ HD 4890 bundle. The company claims the card will provide fans of the DirectX 10.1 game, the ultimate gaming experience.
While the PCS+ HD 4890 is priced at $249, the game-card bundle will cost $254; both are expected to become available from 5th May.
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