Powercolor HD3650 Extreme PCS performance preview and pictures Page: 1
Powercolor Radeon HD3650 Performance preview
Powercolor kindly sent us one of their HD3650's to play with.
Having only had a few hours to play with the card I haven't had time to squeeze out a review but I thought you might like some figures and a few pics.

Chipset: HD 3650
Edition: Extreme PCS
Chipset Features: ATI CrossFireX™ multi-GPU technology
HDMI Output Support
Microsoft DirectX® 10.1
Shader Model 4.1
GPU Speed: 800 MHz
Memory: 512MB
Memory Bit Rate: 128 Bit
Memory Type: GDDR3
Memory Speed: 1800 MHz
Pipelines/Stream Process:
Cooling: Fan
Interface: PCI-E 2.0 (x16)
Connectivity: 2 x Dual Link DVI-I
As you can see, the core clock is running at a pretty steaming 800MHz and the memory at an equally fast 1800MHz...that's what we like to see!
Of course, add to this DX10.1 support, an improved Unified Video Decoder and 55nm process technology and you're onto a winner.
amd tech sheet
AMD have also added to ATI's arsenal of late with awesome power saving technology (around 75w at load) and the core clocks itself down to 300MHz when sitting in Vista Aero desktop.
If you want to hear a little more of the technology features of the new cards, check Bit-Tech here.
The Card
The card itself is a fairly small affair with a nice custom cooler installed on it. Beside the red PCB, the HD3850 shows it's a budget card by having liquid capacitors on it, although they are good quality capacitors at that.
powercolor hd3850  hd3650 rear card
powercolor hd3650 cooler
You'll notice that the card has dual DVI and a TV out on it, which is great news for a card that is slated for a price-tag of around £60 for this Extreme PCS version...some editions from Powercolor are even slated at a fantastic £46.
ddr3 hd3650
You'll notice that all the cards feature 512mb of DDR3 and of course, with ATI's excellent memory architecture the card will be able to utilise this amount of RAM and provide the bandwidth needed to make sure it really makes a difference. This Powercolor card has 512mb comprised of 8 x 64mb Samsung K4J52324QE-BJ1A DDR3 chips capable of 1000MHz (2000MHz).

Powercolor HD3650 Extreme PCS performance preview and pictures Page: 2
3DMark scores and initial benchmarks
I thought you'd appreciate some performance indicators before the full review comes out, so here's a couple:
Game Tests
Both games were played at 1368 x 768. F.E.A.R. had 2 x AA and 2 x FSAA and UT3 had max in-game settings enabled.
Unreal Tournament 3
Performance looks pretty decent, coming very close to the 8600 GT, although one does wonder if it's not worth spending a little extra and picking up an HD3850.
However, for those wanting a card that represents awesome value at around the £50 mark and has DX10...this is the pick of the bunch. It must also be said that with the fantastic power consumption savings also making the chips run cooler, AMD is looking to corner the small form factor market as well.
Willing to splash some spare cash on the HD3650 or perhaps that media centre looks like it needs beefing up? Tell us all about it in the Forums.