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Patriot release two new kits of DDR2
Patriot Viper DDR 2Patriot, one of the pioneers in NAND flash and high performance memory, have announced two new memory kits. The only odd thing is the fact they are DDR2, and not the DDR3 that is quickly becoming the standard with both sockets AM3 and 1366 using it, and the upcoming socket 1156 also also utilizing it.
The two kits are under the Viper II nomenclature and come in 4GB kits in two speeds, PC2-6400 (800Mhz) and PC2-8500 (1066MHz). As usual, the kits are backed by Patriot's lifetime warranty. To sweeten the deal even more, Patriot have teamed up with FutureMark to bundle a free copy of the popular DX10 benchmark - 3DMark Vantage with every set of memory.
Some will say that this is a step backwards as more and more systems are using DDR3 now, and they should be dedicating their time to the development of this. However, Patriot's Director of Engineering, Lee Henry says "Even with the emergence of DDR3, DDR2 technology is far from becoming obsolete, Incorporating our Viper II heat shield technology into our high-end gaming for DDR2 gives the consumer a choice. And by combining our products with Futuremark's state of the art software it becomes a real win-win for the consumer.
It still strikes me as a strange choice to be releasing high speed DDR2 memory as most people will now be using DDR3, and the people upgrading to DDR2 won't neccesarily worry about speed.
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