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Factory overclocked Radeon 4850 from Palit

Palit HD 4850Palit have launched their new Radeon HD 4850 card today, which features a dual slot cooling solution. and is factory overclocked to some of the highest clocks yet seen on a 4850. If the claims Palit are making about it's cooling solution, there may be potential for some more overclocking too. Prices are yet to be confirmed.


 From the press release:

Palit HD 4850 cooling
Palit HD 4850 Sonic comes with Palit's innovative cooling system with two-ball bearing PWM fan, heat-pipes, and superior copper base to ensure high performance, consistent thermal effect but still generates less noise. This unique cooling design helps the graphics card to dissipate the heat efficiently, both for the components and the memories, the GPU temperature is up to 20c lower than the original fan and the cooling system is 10dB quieter even at full loading situation!
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