Overclock3D Latest and Greatest Modding Logs Version 2 Page: 1
The Latest and Greatest:

They have been at it again. Yep that is right, more mods and projects from the members of the OC3D forum. We have decided to do another "Latest and Greatest" mods article because there has been lots more amazing talent being shown in our projects section. And we wanted to thank the modders for how much work they have put in and how inspirational they really are.

Some of these mods have yet to be finished once they are this article will be updated with new content.

So without any further delay lets unvile the new Latest and greatest mods and project list. Listed in no particular order.

marcus000's: Beige Case Revamp

Beige revamp

Feel free to learn and see more here.

Cyprio's : Apple Core Duo Case Mod Worklog

The Cage

More details on Cypio's stunning mod can be found here.

Barry's: Project Water

Project Water CAD

Project Water is still in the works but looks to be very promising, more infomation here .

PCFlip's: Project F.E.A.R.

Project FEAR

A project which is not quite finished but looking beautiful none the less, the worklog can be found here.

XMS's: Project General Li

General Li

Another work in progress by the regular modder (and OC3D Co-Owner/Editor ;o) - Ed) XMS, more infomation can be found here.

Thanh55's: A little crazy but Blue mod

project blue

Another Work in progress can be seen in our Forum, Project "A little crazy but Blue" Mod by Thanh55 can be viewed here

There we have it some of the best mods and projects by the OC3D members. If you enjoyed theses I am sure you will enjoy the hundreds we have in out forum project section, which can be found here.
Some of the members also post rig galleries which can be found here.
We hope this little insight into our members talent has inspired you in some way. Please tell us how you feel and what you think about these mods and any others on our forum.