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OCZ's SD card selection has been steadily growing since the review of their SD Dual a few months back. Today I'm looking at their latest product in the line - the Secure Digital Trifecta. This model is available in 1GB and 2GB versions, both of which operate at 66x speeds. The Trifecta is a micro SD card with an adapter that OCZ have added their own twist to. Let's see how it fairs.


Taken directly from OCZs website:

  • Available in 66X Speeds
  • Dimensions: 32 x 24 x 2.1 mm (L x W x H)
  • Official Secure Digital™ (SD)Compliant
  • microSD™ Compliant
  • High-Speed USB 2.0
  • 5 Year Warranty

OCZ took all your flash needs and put it into one unique and handy unit. The OCZ Secure Digital Trifecta is an innovative memory solution that allows quick transferring of music, images, and files between devices such as your cell phone, digital camera, and PC.

The microSD easily converts into a standard SD card that can also be plugged into any USB port for quick access on your desktop or notebook.

OCZ Trifecta memory cards will be available in 1GB and 2GB capacities with high speed 66X read-rates. OCZ’s commitment to quality carries on into their flash memory series; all OCZ Trifecta Cards come backed with a 5 year warranty for unparalleled peace of mind.

Now let's head over and take a look at the packaging.

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The Trifecta comes packaged in the familiar blister pack that we've seen with many of OCZ's other products. The packaging does a fairly good job at keeping the product inside in top nick while still looking good on a retailers shelf.


The front of the card insert shows off the main features of the card including diagrams of its various connectivity options. The card and its carrier are, as with the previous SD card we reviewed, mounted in a purpose made clear plastic case. While this does a good job protecting the card and looks good, I'm not sure that having the microSD card and its carrier separate was necessary, as OCZ could simply have used the single SD holder.


The back of the card insert gives a brief description of the product along with some contact details for OCZs various worldwide offices.


As we found with the previous SD card we reviewed from OCZ, there isn't too much to comment on for the appearance of an humble card. This one is slightly different however. As you can see the actual memory is stored on a microSD card. These cards are unbelievably small; I have included an additional object as a means of comparison so you could get an idea of the card's size (or lack of).

ocz_ap_1 ocz_ap_2


The standard SD card is almost purely a module in which to read or store the smaller SD card. As with the SD Dual, OCZ have integrated their excellent idea of the card breaking half-way and revealing a USB connector. Essentially taking out the need to purchase a card reader to use the device on your PC.

ocz_ap_3 ocz_ap_4

Next up we'll see how the card performs in a few popular read/write tests...

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In order to put the Trifecta through its paces I plugged it into a test system consisting of the following components:

Intel Core 2 Duo E4300
Asus P5N-E SLI
2GB Patriot PC8500
WD Raptor 150GB

All the tests conducted on the SD card were done with the card plugged straight into the USB port. Below we can see the SD card formatted with FAT32, with a capacity of 952mb.


Firstly I ran a HDTach benchmark:


Then I ran two of the Sisoft Sandra Disk benchmarks:

ocz_si1 ocz_si2

As you can see the Trifecta scores quite well in the tests. With a Read speed averaging 10mbps, it may not compare to conventional hard disk drives, but it trounces them with an incredible 1.5ms access time. In Sisoft's removable tests it scored below the other drives on the Combined indexing test, but turned out to have a fairly high endurance factor.

Overall the card performs well for a MicroSD card; proven by its results in these tests.

Let's head over the page for the conclusion...

OCZ Trifecta Secure Digital Memory Page: 4

With memory cards getting smaller and smaller it's going to get harder and harder to keep track of them. OCZ have come up with an ingenious solution to minimise the risk of losing your microSD card while its not in your PC. Further, the holder also doubles up as both an adapter and card reader. As with the SD Dual, OCZ have created an inventive and original answer to needing a card reader to access the content of the card on your computer. On top of that the speed of the card is more than up to scratch.

This card can be found over at Dabs for £13.63, making it a little more than other microSD cards on the market, but taking into consideration the fact that you dont need any kind of card reader makes it more than worthwhile.

• 3 way interface for 1 card
• No reader required for PC connectivity
• 5yr Warranty
• Good performance

• Like the SD Dual, its fragile in the USB port
• MicroSD card could be easily lost

Once again OCZ get the OC3D innovation award for an excellent and well thought out product.

Innovation Award

A big thanks to OCZ for making this review possible. Discuss in our forum