OCZ Showcases Barrier-Breaking Products at CeBit 2009 in Germany Page: 1
OCZ Showcases Barrier-Breaking Products at CeBit 2009 in Germany

With Hannover Germany buzzing with tech industry types from all over the globe, Cebit 2009 is well underway and OCZ is making the most of this year's show by unveiling a pleathora of exciting new products. With new offerings ranging from the familiar power supply, memory, and peripherals to several new undertakings, OCZ Technology strives to bring a vast new selection of enthusiast products to the global market.

Diversifying their flash memory options, OCZ is showcasing the new "Lockdown" ultra-durable USB drive to keep your data safe from accidental drops and spills. Lockdown will be available in up to 32GB capacities with a robust aluminum chassis impervious to most damaging situations.

OCZ will also release a new flagship 1000W PSU within the month, the new 80+ Gold Certified "Z Series" boasting over 90% efficiency. With its single +12V rail and robust architecture, the Z Series is sure to please the high-end enthusiast crowd along with energy-conscious PC users.

The latest DIY solution is the OCZ Neutrino "netbook" an ultra-portable 10-inch with the ability to configure your own memory and hard drive or solid state drive options. Proving that good things come in small packages, the Neutrino packs a huge punch for on-the-go traveling, educational, home use, or any user looking for a physically light computer but heavy on the useful applications and functionality.

A completely new undertaking is the latest OCZ "Z Drive", a one-terabyte MLC-based SSD with 256MB of local cache and hardware-based RAID controller. Definitely for the high-end crowd, the Z Drive won't come cheap but will offer incredible performance numbers for unsurpassable system functioning and response.

Hexus got to take a close-up look at the Z Drive. It is essentially a set of four 256GB SSDs RAID0 in a combined form factor that fits into a x16 PCI-E slot. For a size comparison, think GTX295. In this configuration, the Z Drive put out some pretty impressive numbers, with 1200MB/s burst, 700MB/s sequential read, and 500MB/s sequential write speeds.

What do you think of OCZ's offerings?

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