OCZ Releases the Superfast RevoDrive X2 Series SSDs Page: 1

High performance memory manufacturer OCZ recently announced an upgrade to its highly successful RevoDrive series SSDs. Dubbed RevoDrive X2, the new PCI-Express SSDs offer greatly increased speed and capacity compared to the first edition drives.

Connecting up to four SandForce-1200 controllers in RAID 0 to a single PCI-Express x4 slot, the RevoDrive X2 is capable of pushing data transfer speeds up to 740MB/sec. The new configuration also makes these new drives far superior to currently available SATA-based drives - they are capable of handling 120,000 IOPS (input-output operations per second).

With twice the RAID controllers as the original RevoDrive, the X2 series is not just bootable but also delivers a stunningly faster start-up and load experience. According to the manufacturer, its exceptional speed and agility make the RevoDrive X2 ideal for demanding database and server applications.

OCZ has launched the X2 series in wide capacity range, right from 100GB to 960GB, which means it can easily fit the role of a personal SSD drive or be used for data warehousing. The only part awaited now is the availability and pricing for the RevoDrive X2 SSDs.


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The OCZ RevoDrive X2 with four SandForce controllers