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OCZ Launches DDR3 Memory for AM3 Processors

OCZ's new AMD-optimized DDR3 memory for AM3 processorsOCZ has unveiled its new DDR3 memory modules designed specifically for AMD’s AM3 processors. The new launch makes OCZ the forerunner in providing memory solutions for AMD’s AM3 architecture.

Targeted at the gaming community, the AM3 range of processors was introduced by AMD in February. Featuring a hybrid memory-controller that is compatible with both DDR2 and DDR3, the AM3 platform gives users choice and extra flexibility for their gaming needs. While the architecture is available, memory pack support has so far been lacking.

Most of the low-voltage DDR3 memory modules available in the market currently are compatible only with Intel’s Core i7 chips. With its new DDR3 memory for AM3 chips, OCZ has stepped forward to fill-in this gap.

“AMD’s new AM3 architecture is designed specifically for the gaming community, with emphasis on high data transfer rates between the system memory and the graphics subsystem” Dr. Michael Schuette, VP of Technology Development at OCZ stated in a press release.

“The key improvement over the AM2 platform is the embracing of DDR3 technology where OCZ has a track record of being a market leader. These new AMD kits further establish our leading role in this category and show our commitment to both industry partners and the gaming community by complementing AMD’s gaming platform with future-oriented, low voltage memory technology,” he said.

Available in both Gold and Platinum models, the new memory modules are available in 4GB packs (2 x 2GB) with 1,333MHz (PC3-10,666) and 1,600MHz (PC3-12,800) speeds. All the packs are rated at 1.65V with different latencies and speeds.

The company has not released price details for the kits.

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