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OCZ Announces Bundle Deal with MSI
eSATA drives are the latest compact storage medium to offer outstanding speeds and large storage capacities. OCZ's Throttle is one such drive, and as of today it will come bundled with some of MSI's Powered Port motherboards. For those of you that don't know, a powered port is simply an eSATA port that requires no additional power to operate any device attached to it. Non powered ports found in many older generation motherboards require an additional USB cable to provide the drive with enough power to function which OCZ include with the drive.
To eliminate the need for a power cable you can purchase one of the new combinations from OCZ and MSI which should be popping up soon at retailers around the globe.
The one notable problem I see with using one of these drives as a portable storage solution is simply the fact that many machines don't have a eSATA port on the motherboard, and those that do are the non powered type, so the included USB cable may have to come out more often than not.
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