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OC3D Week In Words

Pilot Feature

Here at OC3D we are always looking to try new things, some of us are more open minded than others which can lead to some interesting drunken conversations of what we have been up to lately! But never one to rest on our laurel's, and secretly looking for ways to add features without the impending RSI strains from round the clock typing and it seemed like it was up to me to start posting more videos. Now having to keep said videos on or around the 'PG' rating meant I couldn't post the videos in a style similar to those I most like watching so it seemed that a weekly video blog would probably be the safest bet.

Over the coming weeks we have not got a set plan other than to wing it and see what happens... Its going to be as casual as sneaking out from that night out in Essex hoping to get home before your mum or missus realises you haven't got home yet!  

That's it folks, if you have any ideas for content, questions or suggestions then please drop into the forums and let us know.