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The votes are in...
A while ago we took a poll on the games of 2007 as voted by our Forum members (who are around at Christmas!), and the results are in.
No. 1: Call of Duty 4
Some may see this as a strange choice but as OC3D is a PC enthusiast site, it's no surprise to me that the awesome CoD 4 got the top spot. With a fantastic single player campaign and the best multiplayer gaming for any game in 2007, CoD 4 deservedly takes No. 1.
cod 4
No. 2: Crysis
The game that has become the stress test of all the latest graphics cards, Crysis comes a close runner-up in our poll. Awesome graphics combined with some nice gameplay features such as the biosuit give Crysis a heads up in 2007.
No. 3: The Orange Box
Possibly representing the best value game of all time, The Orange Box by Valve gave us classic Half Life 2, HL2 Episode 1 and the new HL2: Episode 2. Add the sequel to one of the most seminal multiplayer games: Team Fortress 2 and the innovative and exciting Portal, you're onto a total winner.
No. 4: Bioshock
My personal Game of the Year came in at a fairly distant 4th. Bioshock is an innovative blend of the gorgeous Unreal Engine 3 and some interesting story-telling, gameplay and weapon choices. Definitely recommended for those who like exploring and getting full value from a game.
No. 5 (Joint) - Unreal Tournament 3 and Colin McRae: DiRT
UT3 was very much a game everyone was looking forward to this year, but after many delays it finally came out to a flat reception. Perhaps if it had been out earlier and people hadn't seen Gears of War, CoD 4, Oblivion and Crysis then it would have had more support, but it didn't...and it ends up a joint 5th.
Colin McRae sadly passed away this year but the Ralley superstar's name lives on in this fantastic ralley game. Awesome graphics and excellent gameplay made it the only driving game anywhere near the OC3D readers top 5.
So there we have it, 2007's top games as voted for by Overclock3D members.
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