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OC3D Store Opens

OC3D Store Open for Business

Are you sitting there wondering what is missing from your life? Perhaps you're staring at your desk and feeling it's lacking a bit of zest and zing.

Well worry no more loyal reader! In combination with those fine folks at RadCarton the OC3D Store is now open and full of things that will enliven your life.

"Such as?", I head you cry. How about some apparel.

Ditch those dreary threads and be the toast of the town with an OC3D T-shirt. See how it can turn this random stranger we found wandering the streets into someone that makes the ladies swoon* whenever he's nearby (*chloroform not included).

OC3D Store Opens     OC3D Store Opens

Yes you too can be cool with the OC3D range of clothing. It isn't just your own body that you can overhaul though. No siree. We've got a whole range of items that can make your desk and your rig sigh in happiness at how achingly fashionable they have become. It's true, with a purchase from the OC3D Store you'll be able to charge admission for people to come and see how your dull and dreary environment has been transformed.

OC3D Store Opens      OC3D Store Opens

What are you waiting for? Remodel your life with a range of OC3D Products. Go on. CLICK!

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