OC3D longstanding member gets World Record Overclock! Page: 1
4095MHz on a Celeron Northwood!

One of our long-standing members Graham Newton (aka Ham) has managed an awesome World Record overclock on a Celeron Northwood.

With stock speeds at 2600MHz, Ham got 4095MHz out of the little Celly, taken from a Dell computer (of all things!!)

4095 on a celeron

CPU-Z Validation here

Ripping.org confirmation here

Grainy phone pics of the rig below.

hams ss hams rig

Graham is using a Custom R290 based Single Stage Phase change unit, built by his own fair hands (Build Log Here). Pretty impressive we think.

Check out the cool news in our forum where you can congratulate Graham on his achievement.

Graham has promised more to come (with better pics hopefully!!), so keep your eyes peeled!