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OC3D Exclusive: MSIs P45 Platinum Images and Details
Intel's P45 chipset, or more commonly known as 'Eagle Lake' is gearing up for it's debut sometime in the very near future. Web speculation is suggesting a release as early as this quarter, in fact. Whilst the P45 doesn't appear to be too far removed from the P35 chipset it is receiving some interest from those in the community.
Micro Star International (MSI) has been kind enough to have given us some exclusive images and details on their upcoming DDR2 based: P45 Platinum motherboard. The details of which, we'd like to share with you all today.
According to MSI, their P45 Platinum is to receive a number of  new features to provide a better experience for the end-user. The new features have been outlined below:
In an effort to provide a cooler running mosfet, MSI is using a totally redesigned mosfet called DrMos. DrMos integrates Hi & Lo side mosfets and driver into 1 package. As one package they offer much higher switching frequencies and operate much cooler than the traditional 3-chip design. Increased efficiency under heavy load or in extreme overclocking tests is the result.
Hi-C Capacitors
"Hi-C" or Highly Conductive capacitors are the most modern type of capacitor. All tier 1 MB manufacturers use "the solid type" but MSI is the first to implement "Hi-C" on desktop boards in the PWM circuit. Hi-C capacitors promise better distribution of power to the CPU. Hi-C capacitors are more commonly seen on "Workstation" boards and promote increased life and stability under load and overclocking conditions.
Circu-pipe 2
MSI have also revamped their Circu-pipe to provide even better performance. Equipped with 5 heatpipes the Circu-pipe 2 now promises significantly increased heat reduction and lower temperatures during high loading.
2 phase power on Memory and Northbridge
2 phase power allows more voltage and finer tuning for voltages in the BIOS. This also means that efficiency and stability increase. Previously MSI used single phase for Memory and NB.
VGA Booster
This is essentially an auto switch from PCI-E Gen2 x16 to 2x PCI-E Gen2x8. No more x16+4!
Circu-Pipe Liquid
Currently under development, MSI's Circu-pipe Liquid promises to be the first 2-in/2-out water-cooling solution for MSI motherboards.
Circu-pipe liquid
MSI P45 Platinum
MSI P45 Platinum
MSI's P45 Platinum is shaping up to be a really nice looking board reliability/stability-wise. Can you see yourself investing in one come release day?
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