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OC3D @ Computex 2008 - OCZ Booth
For the first time, Overclock3D has managed to get an inside man at one of the world's largest computer technology expos, Computex.  Here, multitudes of computer component manufacturers show off their latest current and upcoming hardware.  First stop on this journey is OCZ's booth:
First off we see what OCZ is most well-known for: memory.  OCZ had a wide array of products from their various lines, including their newest one bearing the gamer's Fatal1ty name.
Improving on the design of the ever popular Vendetta coolers, OCZ have stepped up the number of heatpipes from three to four for the upcoming "Gladiator" series. Too bad we couldn't see the ever-elusive Cryo-Z.
Here we get to see more of the previously announced Do-It-Yourself gaming notebook, touted as being a barebones laptop kit that users can add various components to themselves to give a level of customization.
On display were OCZ's latest input device peripherals, including the so-unannounced (I suppose this counts as an announcement actually) Alchemy keyboard line, the Dominatrix laser gaming mouse, and the much anticipated Neural Impulse Actuator (nia). (Be sure to hit OC3D's exclusive first look at the nia here!)
Here we get to see more unannounced products, this time in the flash memory area, with the compact, convertible Spyder and sturdy, affordable Diesel lines.
What OCZ booth would be complete without power supplies?  OCZ had a number of units from their various lines on display.
Why hello, who's this? It's OCZ's newest partner, Jonathan "Fatal1ty" Wendel, along with OCZ's representatives.
Stay tuned for more Computex 2008 coverage!
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