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kingston giveaway

First let me say that this competition would not be possible but for Kingston Technology

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Here at Overclock3D we simply love giving stuff away to our members. So when Kingston asked us if we would like to give away from of their High-Performance HyperX DDR2, we simply jumped at the Offer!

Now AM2 and Conroe are upon us we all know that good DDR2 is a must for getting your setup just right.

The Prize

The boys and girls at Kinsgton are quite simply experts at memory and we're giving you the opportunity to spruce up your DDR2 enabled rig with a sexy kit of theirs...for free!

The lucky winner will receive a 2GB kit of HyperX High-Performance DDR2, chosen to match your particular motherboard. You can't say fairer than that!

What do I have to do?

Answer this question:

What Volts and Timings does this kit of HyperX DDR2 KHX6400D2LLK2/2G run at?

If you need help answering this question then you can always visit www.kingston.com/hyperx where you can find clues to the answer.

Once again it's pretty simple. Pop the answer to this question in an e-mail to press (at) overclock3d (dot) net.

Attach the form we have uploaded Here.

Make sure that you include your motherboard details in the e-mail as Kingston Technology will issue the winner with a DDR2 kit that is compatible with your very board! (N.B. your motherboard must be DDR2 compatible).

We need this information as Kingston will issue the winner with a set of DDR2 that is compatible with your very board!

The forum thread is HERE with further details and terms and conditions.

End Date is the 28th August - so get your entries in now!

It's pretty simple and easy to do!

You have to be a member of our forums to enter, so sign up ASAP

LAST WEEKEND - get your entries in NOW!