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  NZXT Phantom 820 Review  


Here we are again with another Phantom release, it bring back memories of the original Phantom and even a crazy weekend at i40 when we did the first official public airing of that original phantom and even gave two lucky people a complete system rebuild live at the show before the cases had even made it to the retailers! Anyways here we are at the cusp of another launch and NZXT say the Phantom has evolved, so its time for us to see if its evolved into something awesome. The video review is a long one so, put the kettle on, make a brew, grab something to eat and get comfy!


NZXT Phantom 820 Review

Video Review


You really do need to watch the video review for this one, we could honestly write pages upon pages of text to even scratch the surface of this case. The long and short of it is it is a great chassis, it shares many features with the Switch 810, the thing is we still think the Switch is the best case NZXT has ever produced. The Phantom does bring new features to the mix but with some iffy design choices we also feel that it also managed to loose quite a few points too. We have said since the day it arrived the side panel looks like it belongs on an £80 case and we stand by that too, the design is good but the mesh really cheapens the look of a case NZXT want you to pay £200 for, that's a whole £50 over the price of the Switch.

So positive points, its dust filtered everywhere it needs it, its well built, prime for watercooling, has great airflow should you want to stay with traditional air cooling. Talking of air cooling thanks to the in built fan controller you can easily slow down and speed up your fans on the fly should you want silence for a film/late night use or ramp the speed up when playing games, benching or even if you are lucky enough to get a decent summer day! The customisable lights will make it easy for anyone to set them to match their system.

All in all if you liked the original Phantom you will quite simply love this, all the original design features are there but its been brought bang up to date and has some awesome touches. Its just going to take some getting used to that the Phantom isnt the awesome bargain it used to be. Sure its a great case but this time it has a price tag to match. Its gold award worthy but has a gold award price tag too!


Thanks to NZXT for including us in the Phantom 820 launch, discuss your thoughts in the OC3D Forums.