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Nvidia to launch MCP 78 chipset in October

Nvidia are readying their latest IGP for release come October. It is hoped that the MCP 78 will make up for the lacklustre adoption of its elder sibling, the MCP 68.

Nvidia is scheduled to launch its new IGP (integrated graphics processor) chipset MCP 78 in October 2007 to make up for its recent MCP 68, noted sources at motherboard makers. MCP 68 recently launched in the market. However as the chipset was delayed from February and does not perform in benchmarks as well as AMD's competing 690G chipset it is feared that motherboard makers may choose to turn to AMD, stated the sources.


Nvidia will focus upon the MCP 78 in order to launch it before AMD's planned 780G, hoping to win back the trust of motherboard makers, noted the sources. Nvidia MCP 78 will support the AM2+ platform, HyperTransport 3.0, PCI Express 2.0, and HDMI and Display Port video outputs, added the sources.

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