Nvidia to launch 9400/9500 in June Page: 1
Nvidia to launch 9400/9500 in June

Nvidia plan to fully introduce the 9 series to the market by releasing the 9400/9500 in June. Samples of these chips are available to Nvidia's custormers already but will not be on sale till June. Reason being Nvidia have a lot of 8400s to shift before more of the low-mid 9 series comes out. When we say a lot of 8400s we mean a lot of them, estimate of about 2 million chips left to sell.
Nvidia are very unlikely to sell them all by June as there are way too many graphic cards in the sub £50 section of the market thus giving people to much choice. You can also get a 8600 for £10 more anyway. On the other hand 8500s are said to be selling pretty fast.
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