Nvidia set to have only six partners? Page: 1
Nvidia LogoNvidia to cut partner count down to just six
It's been reported today over at Fudzilla that Nvidia are going to cull their list of partners down to just six.
They state that "very well informed sources" have said that the ones set to remain will be EVGA, Zotac, Asus, MSI, Palit and XFX.  The others who don't make the list will be cut off, which will give each of the remaining six partners a much larger slice of the Nvidia pie.
There isn't any further information given other than saying they expect Nvidia to announce this very shortly. 
With so many contradicting reporting coming out, it's hard to tell just what to believe.  For instance, only a few weeks ago it was reported that XFX had ceased their partnership with Nvidia.
If this list proves to be correct, are there any current partners you will greatly miss?
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