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NVIDIA Announce Case Mod Winner

NVIDIAs ION platform has always been one that lends itself perfectly to the many modding possibilities that the mad scientists can come up with. By virtue of it's compact nature, low-power running and easily being powerful enough to be the basis for a high-definition home-theatre system it could fit into a multitude of cases.
However, for whatever reason the modding community hasn't embraced it as much as one might initially think they would, and so NVIDIA held a competition to see who could come up with the best design based upon the ION platform.
After much deliberation they have announced MNPCTECH as the winners, with their rotating cube. Utilising an eye-catching combination of UV-green acrylic and a pedestal mounting system this really is a deserved winner. It could never be classed as stealthy, but its futuristic looks and great use of the NVIDIA colour scheme ensure it can't be ignored.

To read the full build log, including the inspiration for those incredible looks and a video demonstrating the process, visit the casemodblog site here
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