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The actual card is just about five days away from release, but this does not seem to have stopped enthusiasts from getting their hands on the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 Ti card and taking it apart. Taiwanese portal CoolPC has even put up pictures of the card online for the world to see.

The pictures show pretty much everything there is to know about the card including the PCB and the cooling assembly layout. The first striking point about the card is its length – the GTX 560 Ti is noticeably longer than the GTX 460. The cooler used on the reference card is also much more refined than the one found on the 460 reference.

The rectangular card has eight GDDR5 memory chips in line with the GPU, which is slight apart from the two 6-pin PCI-E power connectors. The two pins connectors are responsible for supplying the 4-phase power supply needed by the GPU and the single-phase required by the memory. There is also a 2-way SLI in addition to two DVI and one mini-HDMI display outputs

The pictures clearly show a green PCB, though it is more than given that OEM partners will be playing around with other colors to woo enthusiasts. The most attractive part about the GTX 560 Ti though is the sharply designed cooler, which seems far superior to earlier reference cards from NVIDIA. The biggest change in the cooler is the introduction of a base-plat unisink, which acts as a heat collector for components such as the memory and VRM.

This collected heat is transferred by the unisink to the significantly elaborate GPU heatsink. Equipped with 8mm thick copper heatpipes, the GPU heatsink looks quite capable of spreading and dissipating all the heat that might be generated.

The card is already highly anticipated, and these new pictures are sure to pique the interest of most enthusiasts. It just remains to be seen whether the card that is finally released on January 25 lives up to those expectations or not.

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