Nvidia claims Tegra beats Atom Page: 1
Nvidia claims Tegra beats Atom
Nvidia yet again attack Intel, this time it's aganist Intel's Atom. Tegra, Nvidia's mobile processor needs less than 1W to operate compared to Atom which needs 12W. But with a display Atom will be needing around 30watts, Tegra is a system chip whereas Atom requires a power hungry chipset.
Nvidia's General Manager of the mobile business unit, Michael Rayfield, explained that with the same battery pack Tegra could display 26hours of HD video, whereas Intel's Atom can only deal with 1 to 2 hours. Tegra is also very good for emails, but Atom can only cope with emails for two hours.
Tegra's internet notebook system can run Quake 3 at 35FPS, which is very impressive.



If Nivdia are telling the truth Tegra will be the sure winner of this mobile battle. Discuss on our Forums.