Nvidia Announces GTX480M Mobile GPU Page: 1

Earlier this month, we reported about early hints of a mobile Fermi GPU coming some time in June.  Now we have official confirmation.  Nvidia has announced their first DirectX 11-capable mobile GPU, the GTX480M.

Based on the stripped down GF104 Fermi architecture, the new chip will feature 352 stream processors (SPs), 44 texture units (TUs), 32 render back ends (RBEs), 256-bit memory controller along with advanced feature-set.  This lower feature set allowed Nvidia to ramp up the clock speed up to 850MHz, putting the GTX480M's max theoretical throughput at 897GFLOPS.  Nvidia did not give any concrete word on the chip's TDP, though the earlier report suggests 100W.

“We have now brought the vaunted Fermi architecture to notebooks. GeForce GTX 480M delivers nearly three times more Nvidia CUDA cores over previous generation notebook GPUs, which means users get unbelievably fast video transcoding, upscaling from standard definition to high definition and real-time movie clean-up with the click of a button,” said Matt Wuebbling, senior product manager of notebook products.

While this chip will hold the top spot in Nvidia's mobile line, the overall top performance title will likely remain with AMD's Mobility HD 5870 which puts out 1120GFLOPS.  However, the GTX480M will bear the Nvidia-only features of stereoscopic-3D support, PhysX, etc.

The first laptops bearing the new graphics processor are expected to come out of Clevo.  For more info, check out the official product page here.

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