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Noctua at Computex 2010

                 Noctua at   Computex 2010

All the OC3D staff know and love Noctua, and with good reason. Due to its amazing performance and low noise, our entire review team use the award winning NH-D14 CPU cooler exclusively. It gives me great pleasure to show off some of the toys they’ve been working on.

                Noctua at  Computex 2010

First of all are four new prototypes based on the current U and D lines of CPU coolers. The two D-style heatsinks take the design of the NH-D14 and shrink it down to suit 120mm and 92mm fans. Due to the asymmetric design of the 120mm prototype, the heatsink doesn't overhang the RAM slots on LGA1156 and thus allows for improved compatibility with tall memory heatspreaders. Measuring 95mm by 95mm, the prototype with 92mm fan is the same size as the LGA1156 socket square and hence allows for optimal compatibility with high profile RAM or chipset heatsinks too.

                                                       Noctua at  Computex 2010

The two U-style prototypes employ the single-tower architecture of the U12P and U9B series: Due to the asymmetrical layout of the heatsinks, the fan doesn't overhang the RAM slots, ensuring full compatibility with tall memory modules. Upgrading the number of heatpipes from four to five (92mm) and seven (120mm), the two U-type prototypes provide a significant boost in cooling performance compared to the popular U12P and U9B series.
                                                        Noctua at  Computex 2010

Noctua also showed off a new low-profile cooler aimed at small form factor cases. The 120mm/80mm dual fan design allows for excellent flexibility as the cooler can be run either with both fans for maximum performance or only with the 80mm fan underneath the fin-stack. Used this way, the cooler is only 63mm tall, making it ideal for use in slim cases for HTPCs and media centre applications.

                      Noctua at  Computex 2010     Noctua at  Computex 2010

Last but not least, Noctua showed off a preview of an upgrade to their C-line of coolers. Featuring a 140mm wide heatsink and an NF-P14 FLX 140mm dual fan configuration, this down-draft cooler rivals the performance of high-end tower models such as the NH-U12P, while being much lower in height and providing more airflow over the motherboard. Two NF-P14 fans can be installed on top and underneath the fin-stack to configure the cooler for maximum performance in dual fan mode and either low profile (105mm) or maximum component clearance in single fan modes.

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