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NewerTech Unveils 1TB MINISTACK v3

Relative newcomer to the mass storage market - NewerTech, has recently released its 1TB MINISTACK v3.

The MINISTACK V3 sports four different forms of connectivity; There's FireWire 800/400 ports, 3x USB 2.0 ports and also an eSATA port, allowing for easy access whether you're surrounded by Apple Macs or PCs...

Reason for the three USB ports is to allow users to be able to connect various peripherals directly it. These could be memory card readers, printers, scanners, digital cameras or iPods.

Another cool feature? Why the capacity of course, a whopping 1 Terrabyte of it. Though there are six models to be sold with lower capacities (down to 160GB as a starting point. This will retail for $169.99).

Want to know the specs? Feel free to check out their website



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