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New Year's Eve Mash Up

New Year's Eve Drinks


Well that was quick! As cliché as it sounds, time really has flown this time. Whether your year has been incredible, horrific or a mix of both, we're sure that you will all be keen to see 2010 off in a big way.



New Year's Eve Mash Up


Some individuals might be venturing out into the city to eat, drink, party and chunder everywhere. However we at Overclock3D would like to offer you our top tips for a house party with your friends and family. Let's face it, a night out on new year's eve is crowded and potentially full of idiots; ultimately it'll never be as intimate. Why go out to party when you can bring the party to your own home? Some might argue that a house party will be lacking in terms of beverage variety and atmosphere, however we're not so certain of that.


Sit back as we discuss some of our favourite cocktails.

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New Year's Eve Mash Up

The Liquid Haribo


New Year's Eve Mash Up

We start off with a light cocktail that will make you reminisce your childhood. As the name suggests, we are eager to show you all a cocktail that smells and tastes exactly like a Haribo star mix.


1 x WKD Blue 750ml
1 x Smirnoff Ice 750ml
1 x Reef Orange & Passion Fruit 750ml
1 x Apple Sourz 700ml

New Year's Eve Mash Up

Simply mix the above ingredients in any order and serve with crushed ice. Reef seems to be a bit sparse these days however this can be substituted with J2O Orange & Passion Fruit. The Haribo is more likely to give you diabetes than a hang over, however we recommend this drink to just about anyone with a sweet tooth.

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New Year's Eve Mash Up

The Godfather with a Twist


Looking for a stronger cocktail? For this, we turned our attention to whiskey based mixers; a sin to many scotch connoisseurs however after a sip of this, they may just forgive us.


New Year's Eve Mash Up


1 x Measure Whiskey
1 x Measure Amaretto
Top Up - Ginger Beer
Serve with Crushed Ice

Sporting a fusion of flavours, the Amaretto and Whiskey go hand in hand perfectly. Finally the fiery ginger beer dilutes the mix to cater for most individuals – serve with ice and garnish with raspberries to impress!

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New Year's Eve Mash Up

The Pina Colada


To complete our suite of high performance cocktails, we give you the infamous pinacolada. Popular in warm and sunny holiday destinations, we felt the drink would offer a great twist to a cold winter's evening.

New Year's Eve Mash Up


- Malibu Caribbean Rum
- Coconut Milk
- Pineapple Juice

The concept behind the Pinacolada is very simple however the final result is undoubtedly quite delicious! Once again, serve with ice and garnish with a pineapple slice if you're feeling artistic.

OC3D's Top Shot

Let's take shots; the hideous measure of 40%+ alcohol that burns layers of skin on your throat. Which shot would you drink to see off 2010? Vodka? Sambuca? Tequila?

New Year's Eve Mash Up

As marmite as it may be, our favourite shot has got to be the Jagerbomb. A shot glass of liquorice'esque spirit dropped into a glass of red bull makes for an explosive treat.

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New Year's Eve Mash Up

Drinking Games

So a leisurely chin wag with your nearest and dearest over a few drinks isn't quite enough for you? Perhaps your friends are so annoying, your only option is to drink till you drop? There's a simple answer to this one – drinking games.

Do note that Overclock3D warns you all to exercise caution when drinking alcohol. Remember that over 6 units of alcohol daily is considered as binge drinking. Know your limits...


  1. "International Drinking Rules"


IDR is most probably the easiest drinking game to play without making alcohol the centre of all discussion. The applicable rules may include

- Left hand drinking, 0 to 30mins past the hour
- Right hand drinking, 30 to 59mins past the hour
- The words finger and drink are prohibited
- *Optional* nicknames only
- Breach of these rules will result in the offender having to “down” their beverage.


  1. "I Have Never"


If you have invited groups of friends who do not know each other, “I have never” is a fantastic ice breaker. In clockwise or anticlockwise order someone must state something that they have never done before – if any other participant has done this, then they must take a sip of their drink. The game will most probably start in a sensible fashion however the statements may turn crude within minutes.


  1. "21"


The game of 21 (or Twenty – Plus – One ) is probably the most antisocial of the three, however it requires logical skill and plenty of attention. The concept is to count from 1 to 21 as a group (in clockwise or anticlockwise order) however there is a catch. Each participant may say one, two or three consecutive numbers at once. Stating one number passes the turn to the next player, two numbers will reverse the direction and three numbers will skip a player. If one is too slow or speaks when it isn't their turn, a drinking penalty is issued.

The final player to say 21 is automatically issued a drinking penalty. The player in question may also add an additional rule before the next round starts – for example, he or she may suggest that every multiple of 3 is replaced with the word, Walrus.

If a drinking game or two is what you need to liven up your party then these should do exactly that!

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New Year's Eve Mash Up


 Farewell to 2010


This has been a great year for Overclock3D, where we have seen a sizeable increase in popularity as well as continual manufacturer and retailer interest. Of course this would never be possible without the outstanding standard of work from our editorial team. Thus far, we are (6 figure visit) evidence that hard work really does pay off.

Frankly the matter of "no pain no gain" is a lesson for many to learn. There is no denying that a shamefully large proportion of our population (both rich and poor) live their lives in complacency. For a country that owes over two thirds of their GDP in debt, we can only cringe a little when Joe Bloggs attacks the royal family over their right to heavily subsidised education, or when thousands regularly “pull a sicky” after a “rough” night out. Prime Minister David Cameron tells us that “we're all in this together”. Really now...

In a nutshell, we would love it if everyone tried their utmost to start their new year on a productive note and full of aspirations. Anyone who adopts such a mindset will be incredibly proud of their achievements by this time next year. Whatever it may be, just go out and do something great for yourself. New year's resolutions anyone?

For now however, we hope our alcoholic tips prove useful and that you all have a fantastic time as we roll into 2011. While times are changing, we love what we do and promise to offer you more of the same for years to come. See you on the other side!

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