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New Samsung SSD Announced
Samsung has announced that they will be taking their solid-state drive (SSD) line to the next level with the addition of their first 256 GB drive.  Not only are these drives double the size of the previous 128 GB offering, but they are quite a bit faster as well.  The drive's read speed has been doubled from 100 MBps to 200 MBps.  Even more impressive is the increase in write speed from 70 MBps to 160 MBps.  The new drive will utilize mult-level cell (MLC) design introduced with the previous 128 GB drive, allowing for cheaper production compared to other single-level cell (SLC) options, as well as a tweaked storage controller that increases the drive's lifespan.
As usual, the drive will be available in 1.8- and 2.5-inch forms to provide for ultra-mobile devices as well as traditional notebooks.  Samsung is looking to send samples to partners starting September, with bulk shipping occuring by the end of the year.  No price has been set so far.
Are SSDs the way of the future?  Excited to see the technology progress?
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