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Power-saving features are becoming more and more prevalent in the computer scene, even with seemingly small things such as RAM.  We ourselves have a couple of reviews for low-voltage kits.  Now it seems we may soon be seeing more of such kits in the future.

The JEDEC organization has just published a new standard for low-power DDR3 memory.  Bearing the inspired name of DDR3L (for "DDR3 Low-Voltage"), this addendum to the previous standard brings the voltage down from 1.5v to 1.35v for certified devices.  This results in a 15% or more increase in efficiency under load conditions.

"The JEDEC DDR3L standard defines an energy-efficient solution that benefits the environment, manufacturers and end users," said Robert Feurle, Vice President DRAM Marketing, Micron Technology. "Device power consumption is a critical focus for our customers, and Micron is pleased to support the development of the DDR3L standard as a means to enable a reduction in power usage without impacting performance."

"The benefits of using JEDEC DDR3L in the server market are immediately apparent," added Joe Macri, Corporate Vice President, Chief Technology Officer Client Division, AMD.  "The possibility of reduced power consumption and lowered cooling demands with no loss in performance can have a far-reaching, positive impact - especially as the industry strives to meet ever more challenging environmental requirements."




As previously mentioned, there are already a few kits rated at the new voltage specification.  The JEDEC expects new products to become widely available in the coming days.

"Samsung strongly supports publication of the DDR3L specification,” said Jim Elliott, vice president, marketing and product planning, Samsung Semiconductor, Inc. “We anticipate rapid adoption of this standard in the marketplace, which will add considerably to the movement for greener components, something we’ve been aggressively supporting for our power-conscious customers."

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