New G92 Card On The Way Page: 1
That's right, you heard correctly. Right on the heels of their extremely successful launch of the 8800GT, NVIDIA already has plans for a new card based on the G92 GPU.

The main attraction of this new card will be the 128 shader units, a full 16 unit step up from the current 8800GT. Seeing as the 8800GT is able to outpace the current 8800GTS, there a very strong likelihood that this upgrade will push the card card past the level of the 8800GTX, maybe even the Ultra.

The new card is being tentatively called the 8800GTS, which means it may be replacing the previously reported GTS revision.

This new 8800GTS is slated for release in December of this year. Considering how soon that is, there is a very real possibility that current 8800GT cards also sport the extra shader units, disabled for marketing purposes. This quick release is likely NVIDIA's way of combatting AMD's impending HD3800 (RV670) launch.

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