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'I name thee Core i7'

According to the folks over at Expreview, Intel's new CPU's will be relabelled as 'Core i7'. They also stated that the chips will be announced on August 11th, 2008 with a Q4 2008 release date. There will be 3 Bloomfields to enter PC market later this year, and the 999USD top-of-the-line Bloomfield is the only Core i7 Extreme Edition processor currently revealed, said Expreview.

There is speculation as to what the '7' in the title denotes, and The Inquirer have shared their thoughts on this:

Why “i7” you ask? Well, we can guess what it *isn’t* - it is definitely not the seventh-generation Intel architecture (that would be the Netbust marchitecture). It could be, however, that Intel discovered some sort of Haxor dialect and they’re actually saying “Core it” – or their product code just tripped the 80777 number - but I’m just grasping at straws here. Seven is considered to be unlucky, sad or tragic in China, tho’…

Whatever Intel's reasoning for the rumoured name choice, we look forward to the new CPU launch.
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