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MSI Update Afterburner to v1.4.0
Some of the more interesting updates to their propriety overclocking program have been left below for your perusal. However, the absolutely must-see piece of information is standing bold and proud at the top of the list. I'll even separate it from the main quote.
* Added initial AMD RADEON HD 5970 series graphics cards support
Does this mean the 5970 dual-GPU behemoth is nearly due for release? We all know the rumours abound about it being in production or in the pipeline, but, to my knowledge, this is the first time a major partner has implemented support for it in a product outside of drivers.
The other important parts of the change-list are :
  • GPU voltage monitoring feature is now locked and not available by default.
  • Ineffective and slow temperature, clock, GPU usage and fan speed monitoring implementation provided by native AMD's ADL SDK has been replaced with own more effective low-level codepath. Due to new codepath hardware monitoring related CPU performance hit has been reduced drastically on the systems with AMD graphics cards and drivers.
  • On-Screen Display and Logitech LCD monitoring modules no longer explicitly read displayed data from hardware and retrieve cached data from monitoring graphs instead. Due to this change CPU performance hit is reduced when OSD or LCD monitoring features are enabled.
  • AMD RV8xx I2C microcontroller is now being forcibly reset prior to starting new I2C transaction to minimize the risk of I2C collisions with third party tool without I2C synchronization protocol support (e.g. AMDGPUClockTool)
  • Now Afterburner forcibly changes memory clock for all performance levels at once on AMD graphics cards with equal default memory clocks defined for all performance levels to bypass flickering issue caused by incorrect PowerPlay dynamic memory clock changing implementation on some cards
  • Added Catalyst driver family version detection for AMD graphics cards
  • Added configuration file switches allowing power users to tweak Afterburner startup process and define startup delay or force the startup to be handled by Windows Vista / Windows 7 Task Scheduler to bypass UAC evaluation window.
  • MSI On-Screen Display server has been upgraded to version 3.6.0. New server provides improved desktop windows notification mechanism and also features optional power user oriented task scheduler based startup way
  • Added skin format reference documentation. Now third party skin designers may use this local offline documentation to create their own skins for MSI Afterburner. Official MSI Afterburner skin creation contest is approaching!
The latest version of MSIs Afterburner along with a complete change-list is available for download from here.
So do you also feel that this might mean the 5970 is only a stones throw away? Do you use Afterburner? Discuss in our forums here