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Christmas this year seems to be the season for graphics cards as one manufacturer after another is coming up with its custom-built GPUs. Today it is the turn of MSI, who announced the launch of its R6850 Cyclone 1GD5 Power Edition graphics card. According to MSI, the R6850 is the first Radeon HD6850 based card to support triple over-voltage function.

MSI’s Cyclone series cards are quite popular among enthusiasts and overclockers as they offer lot of space and capabilities for tweaking and tuning the performance of the GPU and drawing out the maximum possible juice from the card. Continuing the tradition, the new R6850 Cyclone Power Edition card is also a mainstream card that boasts of some really high end features.

While MSI has not messed around with the stock clocks or the memory, it has made some awesome changes to the overall design. Take for example the Military Class II materials used in the card. A big step ahead of the already acclaimed Military Class components from the company, Military Class II features Hi-C tantalum caps and a SFC high-performance choke, both of which great improve the stability and life of the card.

Then there is MSI’s exclusive Cyclone thermal solution, which takes cooling to an all new level. With its nickel-plated pure copper heat-sink, 9cm temperature-controlled fan, specially designed heatpipes and fins, the Cyclone cooler is not just extremely powerful, but also extremely silent. Once in full flow, it has the ability to keep the GPU temperature lower by up to 14oC from the stock card even as the noise level is 4dB lower.

The R6850 also features another MSI exclusive – the P/S Switch, which lets users switch between Performance Mode and Silent Mode instantly. While the former mode provides higher cooling power for better performance, the latter adjusts the fan speed for quieter operations. The card is also the first Radeon HD6850-based GPU to come with a triple over-voltage function. This unique function, clubbed with MSI’s exclusive Afterburner OC software allows users to totally control the voltage of the GPU, RAM and VDDCI.

The power system of the card has also been enhanced using a 6+1 power supply feature. When compared to the reference design, this allows the MSI R6850 Cyclone 1GD5 Power Edition to be overclocked by a long way without any visible effect on its stability.

Availability and pricing for the card have not yet been revealed.

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MSI R6850 Cyclone 1GD5 Power Edition  MSI R6850 Cyclone 1GD5 Power Edition  MSI R6850 Cyclone 1GD5 Power Edition