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MSI R9 270 Gaming Graphics Card


AMD’s 7000 series of graphics cards really impressed us here at OC3D. They offered great performance, and were considerably cheaper than the Nvidia equivalent, and if this wasn’t enough, they also gave you tons of games for free! Now the new R9 series is upon us, with the R9 270 offering more performance than the previous generation, at a better price, and with an even bigger choice of games!

The R9 270 is the replacement of the much loved 7850; a card which produced benchmark figures that were unheard of in mid-range cards in the past. Now, after a year of AMD tweaking the architecture, memory speed and bandwidth, the R9 270 is upon us – and so far, we’re very impressed by what they’ve done!

The MSI R9 270 Gaming Edition is a great non-reference alternative to the standard R9 270s, with its amazing looks, and factory overclocks to give you even more performance in games!