MSI Opens Contest for Next-Gen ClickBIOS Design Page: 1

Do you believe you are a gifted designer? Do your creative juices overflow when it comes to designing user interfaces? If yes, then MSI has a special contest for you – the mainboard and graphics card manufacturer is searching for extra talented designers for their next-gen ClickBIOS.

MSI is preparing to release a new version of its ClickBIOS to coincide with the launch of Intel’s new 6 series chips. The current version of ClickBIOS, which comes loaded on to MSI’s P35 and P45 motherboards, is more of the traditional style BIOS. MSI hopes to change all of this with a revamped design and user interface, which will be introduced with MSI’s new mainboards for Intel’s 6 series chips.

Unlike traditional legacy BIOS, the new ClickBIOS will not be require users to scroll through text screens for configuring their systems. It will be UEFI based, which means users will see a Graphical User Interface with full mouse support. Instead of fixed selections, the new ClickBIOS will also allow users to add applications and options.

Users have already had a taste of the UEFI-based ClickBIOS when MSI released its P35 EFINITY in 2008. The best features of ClickBIOS are its faster boot times, support for multiple languages, as well as support for higher capacity hard drives.

Through this contest, MSI is now hoping to get the best designers to design a UEFI BIOS that is both unique in looks and easier to use. If you believe you have those designing skills and can create a user interface that is out of this world, then sign up for the contest and let the world see your designs.

The contest is already open at and entries are accepted until 12:00pm GMT on December 31. So go ahead and put forward your best designs. Who knows – you could be the winner!

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